Crime Scene Photographer

Precise, portable, dependable lighting instruments for forensic analysts and crime scene photographers

Rosco Laboratories, a leader in lighting technology for over 100 years, offers its innovative line of LitePad LED fixtures. Trusted by thousands of filmmakers and photographers worldwide, LitePad is an ideal source of diffused lighting, perfect for crime scene and forensic photography.

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LitePad HO+, only 1/3” thick, is perfect as a portable light table or for hand-held macro shots. LitePad HO+ is available in a variety of sizes from 3” circles to 24”x24” squares.

LitePad Axiom is housed in a durable aluminum frame designed for easy mounting onto light stands, clamps and other mounting options in a laboratory environment.

LitePad Loop is a 9” ring light that quickly attaches to any camera, providing shadowless light perfect for the close-up and macro photos needed by forensic analysts.

LitePad is a product of Rosco Laboratories, an industry leader with a 100-year history and offices in eight countries. Already a huge success in the film, television and photography industries, LitePad products are also suited to applications in the forensic sciences. All LitePad devices can be powered by wall outlet, AA batteries, or even the cigarette lighter of a police cruiser. Because they are LED powered, LitePad units can operate longer while using less power, and generate almost no heat. LitePad is daylight color balanced, for faithful color representation (tungsten-balanced units are also available).

Macro shot of a fired round

Sample macro photo of a fired round, lit using LitePad Loop (click to enlarge)

Rosco Labs manufactures thousands of products used throughout the film, television, theater and photography industries — from fog machines, to gels, to paint, flooring and props. LitePad is among Rosco's most successful products, selling strongly worldwide since its introduction.

We're Visual Departures, a longtime distributor of Rosco products to the film and photography industry.

We've personally shipped thousands of LitePad units to retailers all over the US since its introduction. We believe so much in the product, we've taken this initiative to bring it to other markets.

We've been in business since 1982, and we've always done right by our customers and our vendors. As part of that circle of trust, we promise not to use your personal information for anything other than explaining how LitePad can help you do your job.

Macro shot of a fired round

This macro photograph of a piece of evidence was lit using LitePad Loop. Because of the on-axis light source, shadows are almost completely eliminated.